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Our highly trained and qualified staff at RMT strive to provide a comprehensive solution to your individual healthcare needs by connecting you to affordable world class treatment options.
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Our research, connections, extensive research and comprehensive vetting process allows you to narrow down the best choices for your health-care needs. Our purpose is to create a solution to this issue by connecting patients to affordable world-class treatment options.

We are founded and run by a board certified physician. 


We will help arrange contact with our partner facilities for you. 


We will coordinate concierge service and help with travel, accommodation and vacation planning. 


We have vetted the facilities and offer only selected sites. 


The founder has personally visited each site and validated them. 

why choose us?

Because we are physician-founded company, we leverage our knowledge, compassion and connections to select the best health care providers. 

We select the clinics and physicians with the highest ethical standards and best results in locations that are safe and enjoyable in coordination with outstanding dependable concierge service at significant discounts. 

We leverage our relationship with health care providers to offer our patients preferential service. 

Going through Risa Health Solutions gives you special priority compared to going solo. We have already researched, vetted and visited our partner clinics. Our clinics offer the following:

  • Cater to patients from the U.S.
  • Internationally trained physicians and staff
  • English speaking staff.
  • Convenient location in a safe and clean city
  • Top reputation.
  • Excellent ratings
  • The best results
  • Excellent prices
  • Concierge service
  • Great track records
dr. lav goyal (Founder & CEO)

Dr. Lav Goyal attended college and medical school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.  After obtaining his medical degree, he completed a five-year residency in Oncology at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. He served as chief resident during his last year.

Following his training, he worked as an assistant professor at The University of North Carolina. After 5 years, he switched to private practice in Florida.

In addition to his medical degree, he completed an MBA focusing on healthcare at The University of Miami.

Using his educational background and clinical experience, Dr. Goyal is passionate about optimizing patient care and outcomes.

His goal is help patients connect with facilities that offer world class care at an affordable price.


  • Cost-effectiveness

  • High-Quality Healthcare

  • Availability of Service

  • Travel Opportunities

  • Immediate Service





We are dedicated to connecting you with world class medical care at the lowest possible price.

Dental implants are an effective way to replace missing teeth and are designed to blend in with your other teeth.
Thanks to the many breakthroughs in fertility treatment couples now have a wide variety of options.
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Monday to Friday please call us from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST. After hours and weekends please contact us using the contact us form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Contact Risa Medical Tourism via phone or email
We will describe our services and answer your questions
We will help you initiate a conversation with the clinic of your choice
If you would like to proceed, we will help arrange travel, accommodation and concierge service
We will help arrange consultation appointment prior to your arrival
During your stay, we will be available to make sure your stay and treatments go well
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Medical guidance: If you have clinical questions which you are unclear about, we will reach out to your facility to help get your questions answered.

We work with companies specialized in transport of patients from departure to arrival and between.
We have a partnership with the best hotels and in and around the treatment area for your choice.
If necessary translators will be provided at the clinic upon request
We will be available during your treatment, should you have any questions.
Wanda Davis

I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to meet Dr. Thelma and Dr. Josef. I have never had such an amazing experience at any other dentist office in my life. They have taken such complete care of me from the first day I walked into their office. Their compassion and love of what they do shows through and trough. I will always be grateful for what they have done for my smile and will come back for all my dental needs. I truly look forward for my first visit and will spread my heartfelt gratitude to everyone I know!

Brian Cory

Where do I start, what an amazing experience! With just two days I notice that Prisma fit me in. I came with the intention of a cleaning end exam and left without a wisdom tooth and bright white teeth. Everyone made me feel so welcome and comfortable. This has been hands down the best experience at the dentist. I want to come back just to see everybody. Dr. Thelma Rubinstein made me feel like family and Dr. Cordero performed a painless difficult surgery I had been scared to do. Thank you all! I will look the way of coming back to say hi!

Olga Angielov

Thank you so much for your wonderful work as well as how incredibly nice you were with all my worries! The front teeth look great; I am so happy with your work!

Barry and Mitzi Lentz

This is our third trip here to come to Prisma Dental. Thelma and Joseph are wonderful people and better dentist everyone, is so professional and eager to make you feel comfortable during your dental procedures. We will always come back. Thanks Thelma and Josef. We love you!

Mike Sauter

This has been my 4th visit to Prisma and I couldn’t be happier. The quality of the dental work is super and the staff is cordial and professional. We have sent many friends from Atlanta to Prisma, and we will continue to recommend it.

Jules Lemieux

What a nice way of meeting and making people feel at home, you people have…by smiling and by your extraordinary skillfulness and experience to bring a new smile to people. Thank you so much everyone and mostly to Dr. Joseph and Dr. Thelma.

Robert Cranson

The dental work was excellent. The staff is very friendly and professional. Today was the birthday of the dentist and they brought me into their party. It was a very professional work and like a family feeling at the same time. All my amalgam (mercury) fillings were removed and replaced with composite ones. Safety is important for this work and it was done safely with the necessary equipment to remove all mercury gas from the room, etc. In the future I will be back here for dental work. Very satisfied!

R. Podberesky

Dr. Cordero and Dr Robinstein are absolutely amazing. Their work is impeccable and of the highest quality.
I’m absolutely delighted with my new smile! I had a full mouth restoration and now I have a beautiful and fantastic smile. It is truly life changing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Lucia D.

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with conceptions. Everyone is friendly, helpful and compassionate. I would highly recommend them to anyone who asked.

Manuela G.
San Jose

In my search for mother for 9 years, it was a very long, painful, frustrating journey where I felt a lot of helplessness and loneliness. And then I find Ingenes where they attend me with great human quality and professionalism.

Yadira V.
Albuquerque, NM. USA

I went thru some other treatments before, with no success. We were very sad and along with my husband we decided not to keep trying any longer. One of my friends told me about Ingenes, honestly, we thought it was going to be a waste of time and money. Finally we called for an appointment. Dr Gonzalo, explained to us the process. He gave us all details for every single step and he made sure that we solved all doubts about the Invitro procedure. We came back home and decided to give a chance to this new opportunity with Ingenes and honestly… it was the very best decision!. I got pregnant at the first try, and we got a beautiful baby girl, Lisa Yaritza, who has lighted our home with tons of love. Thank you all at Ingenes for your patience and dedication that made a couple’s dream come true. Thank you very much again.

Baja, California

I am Alicia, mine migth be a kind of different history. Everything was fine, I delayed the decision to become a mother, and time can not be stoped. When I finally took the decision I was surprised, I got my matrix was full of fibroids…lots of tests, lots of gynecologist… all coincided: Surgery to remove my matrix, no hope, no other different opinión “We have to remove it” I was devastated, very sad. A friend of mine told me that she saw on tv about Ingenes, she recommended to search on the internet and call. Honestly I ignored her. One day, I was with other friends, they gave ‘like’ to Ingenes web site, and that is when I decided to call and Schedule an appointment, I did so. I live in Baja California, my first approach was a via a video-call. Since the very moment I felt something different, there was something different at this Institute. The doctor was very concise and clear, solved every single doubt and I attended to INGENES GUADALAJARA for all the tests and diagnosis. Highest Priority was to keep my matrix. Dr. Christian Hernandez, best doctor I’ve known. It was easy, I had a very complicated situation, I had a miomectomy, then other procedures and medication. Some times I was about to quit, and Dr Christian and everyone in  INGENES GUADALAJARA were there always for support me, to encourage, to listen, to help me deal with my fear and anguish. Dr. Christian was so comprehensive and patien I had two transfers, I got pregnant on the second try. I got a message from Dr. Christian very early on the morning; he reminded me about the lab test. When I got the results I noticed very high hormonal levels, I sent Dr. Christian a picture, and he called immediately, and he confirmed…. I was pregnant…!!! I got a high risk pregnancy, low placenta, bleedings… Dr. Christian was always like an angel, he was pending of all reports I performed in Baja California, he was such a great professional. Now, my little star is 1 year and 1 month, my family loves him so much and care about him. Thank you Ingenes, thank you God for going thru all this to get that little piece of sky.

Zyndi and Alberto

I am Zyndi and my husband is Alberto. 14 years of marriage and 12 of trying to have a baby, 7 different doctors, 1 surgery, 2 Inseminations and alternative terapy… nothing seemed to work. We were tired, physically and emotionally … we were convinced that were made for not being parents. January 2014 my gynecologist recommended to attend a fertility clinic, he said it was the last option. I search on Internet and found information about Ingenes, a colegue at my office was pregnant and she told me she had attended Ingenes. Fist visit, we were nervous and excited. They were very kind and we were assinged to a very nice and professional Doctor. We went thru various examinations and tests. I felt very comfortable, everything was done with lots of care and delicacy. We got a diagnosis that same day, and we were told about the right treatment. It was incredible, after 12 years without a certain diagnosis, without knowing what was happening; we finally found an answer and hope. We went thru and IVF, also we got psicological support, they gave us emotional worshops on Saturdays; it was such a wonderful experience to share with other couples what we had been thru. Also, this emotional support sessions helped us to be ready for what we were going to deal with after the birth, it was incredible. Finally, the day for the transfer …. Since the very moment we arrived everyone were nice, kind, warm. It was a marvelous experience to see how they introduced the embryo with such delicacy and profesionalism. Some days later, we attended Ingenes for the next test; we arrived very early,  and after the test our doctor told us she would call later. I was at my parent’s house, we all were nervous, anxious,… finally we got the call and I hear “ Hello Zyndi, I got your results… Congratulations, you will have a baby!” I felt like my heart was going to explode; my husband and my parents saw my face…. We all were laughing and crying, It was the most special and happy moment of my life. That is how I got my dream come true… I could get an star from the sky, with Ingenes.  My beautiful Bruno was born on March 2015, I was 41 years old. My eternal gratitud…. Thank you , thank you so much Ingenes.


I’m Uises, I want to share my history. With my wife we had been looking to become parents for a long time, we went thru various fertility treatments and trhu very bitte moments. At the begining we always were very enthusiastic with the treatments, but as soon as the second month came everything was sadness, sorrow, devastated, we tried and tried at different clinics but my wife could not get pregnant. Finally we decided to stop trying and look for adoption. Then, it is when a colegue from the office told my wife about of Ingenes. He was so happy because he was about to become a father. We decided to attend the institute with renewed hope. Since the very first moment we felt there was something different about the place and we could not believe how much wasted time trying wrong places First visit, everything was excellent, our doctor was professional and trustworthy. After performing some test, on the same day; he told us that we could have a baby, but first  an ovaric cyst should be removed. We decided to go on because he explained every single detail of the condition and solution, that is how we started this journey along with Ingenes. After 15 years looking for a baby, my two great champs arrived: Juan Pablo and Pedro Ulises. When people ask about treatment cost, I just answer that I am the happiest father in the world and what I paid is not compared at all with the happiness and blessing of having my two start at home.Thank you Ingenes


I am Adriana; To be a mother was always my dream, but it was not always my priority. First I wanted to grow as a professional and later have children. When the time came I found that I had a fertiliy issue. That is something one does not think about, just for the fact of being a woman one assumes that can be a mother, that simple…but that is not the way it is. All my sisters and friends had children and I just could not. 2011, I got a surgery that was supossed to solve my situation, but years went by and nothing happened. 2013 and 2014, along with my husband we tried different fertility clinics, uncertain diagnosis … nothing happened. 2016, Francisco and I decided to try Ingenes. My friend Nelly had gone thru a treament with them and she had a beatiful baby girl. We decided it was the right moment, time was against us, I was about to be 42. We had to move along and take next step. We had all support and professionalism since the very begining. First try on april, unfortunately it did not work; I was very sad but I trusted that the right time would arrive. At Ingenes they provided me with emotional support thru their psichology teprapists to help us keep going, to keep trying. Our Doctor adjusted time line and strategy on the treatment to guarantee better results, months later, August 19th second try. 10 days waiting on the results, it was such an eternity… Doctor called and asked ‘Are you sitted?, there is something important to tell you’,… I listened and cried a lot… “Positive”, I could not believe it, honestly. Some weeks later I attendent next appointment for the ultrasound, it is when we got a bigger suprise: two babies on the way! We were frighted at the begining, but when we saw the image and heard their hearts we knew everything had been worth trying. Later on we were turned to Dr Carlos Briones to take care of the pregnancy, he confirmed that we were having a girl and a boy. My children arrived on April 2017, Lua and Fernando are now six months and are the best that had happend to my life, they are more than my stars, they are “my total eclypse”, begining and end of everything. They arrived at the very precise and exact timing. I see their smile every day, I learn little by little to be a mother of two and it is not an easy task, but it is the very best time of my life. Ingenes, their doctors, my family and friends, all them were basic to accomplish my dream. If you have not been able to make your dream come true, choose Ingenes, life will change you from heaven to earth, roundtrip.

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Medical guidance: If you have clinical questions which you are unclear about, we will reach out to your facility to help get your questions answered.


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